Quantum Supremacy


A Breakthrough That Could Change Computing

Google this week said it had achieved a long-sought breakthrough called “quantum supremacy,” which could allow new kinds of computers to do calculations at speeds that are inconceivable with today’s technology, the New York Times reports. A mathematical calculation that the largest supercomputers could not complete in under 10,000 years was done in 3 minutes 20 seconds, Google said. In an exclusive interview with MIT Technology Review, CEO Sundar Pichai explains why quantum computing could be as important for Google as AI.


The Challenges Ahead for Spotify

Over the last five years, the global recorded music industry has seen overall sales grow from $14.3 billion to $18.1 billion. That’s largely thanks to paid streaming, led by Spotify, which has 232 million monthly users and 108 million paying subscribers globally, Fortune reports. But Spotify faces competition from Apple and Amazon, and it needs to become consistently profitable.


What Jeff Bezos Really Wants


Jeff Bezos and Amazon control nearly 40 percent of all e-commerce in the United States, while Amazon Web Services accounts for almost half of the cloud-computing industry. Writing in The Atlantic, Franklin Foer examines what the Amazon founder and CEO wants for his empire and himself, and what that means for the rest of us.


The Quiet Impact of Remote Work 


Remote work is quietly remaking the way we work and live, Recode reports. The changes include how we work, the tools we use to work, how we communicate at work, and even the hours we work. It’s also connected to population shifts from big cities to less-populated areas.


Why Figma’s New Community Feature Is Different


Figma, the web-based tool for user interface and user experience design, is introducing a new feature called the Figma Community that’s more than just a way to show off designs, Fast Company reports. The browser-based tool lets users publish creations to the web—not as static images, but as editable, remixable files. 


The Dark Side of Voice Assistants

There are more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices in homes worldwide, The Guardian reports. Are they fun time-savers or the beginning of an Orwellian nightmare?


The Big Lie about Technology


Technologists see facial recognition, smart diapers, and surveillance devices as inevitable evolutions. They’re not, argues Rose Eveleth in a piece on Vox. She writes: "In fact, our world is shaped by humans who make decisions, and technology companies are no different."


Why Empathy Matters

Marketing has a huge empathy problem, especially in B2B content, Joe Lazauskas writes on Contently. There's a reason for this: According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 B2B Research report, fewer than half of B2B marketers talk to clients as part of their research.


The Importance of Community Management

Most content marketing activities focus specifically on publishing schedules and getting things posted. But there's more to content than just the publication of branded material in itself, Social Media Today says. If you want to increase engagement, and create prospects, then community management should also be a key driver of your content activities.


No, You Cannot Speak to the Captain


An autonomous boat under developments could be the first ship to cross the Atlantic that is able to navigate around vessels and other hazards by itself, ZDNet reports. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is an autonomous vessel due to depart from Plymouth, England, on the fourth centenary of the original Mayflower voyage—Sept. 6, 2020—with its destination Plymouth, Mass.