Quantum Leap Forward


Will China Lead the Next Tech Revolution?


Quantum technology could transform information processing and bring big economic and national-security advantages to countries that dominate it. To the dismay of some scientists and officials in the United States, the Washington Post reports, China’s formidable investment is helping it catch up with Western research in the field and, in a few areas, pull ahead. The Post also answers seven basic questions about quantum technology.


What Exactly Is a Tech Company Today?

WeWork went to great lengths in its recent IPO filings to emphasize all the things that make it a tech company and, by extension, validate its price tag. But as Recode's Rani Molla writes, WeWork’s main business looks a lot like a real estate company. If it’s a tech company, who isn’t?


The Logic of Weird Tech Patents


Head-scratching and sometimes hilarious patents continue to populate the patent office. It turns out there is a whole host of strategies that prompt “zany” or “weird” patent filings, Slate reports.


Google Go Is Live for All Android Users


Google Go, a lightweight version of Google’s search app, this week became available to all Android users worldwide, TechCrunch reports. First launched in 2017, the app had been designed primarily for use in emerging markets where people are often accessing the internet for the first time on unstable connections.


Hackers Hit Nearly Two Dozen Texas Towns


Texas officials this week confirmed that computer systems in 22 municipalities have been infiltrated by hackers demanding a ransom, NPR reports. A mayor of one of those cities said the attackers are asking for $2.5 million.


Should Designers Learn to Code?

Many developers see designers who code as a threat, while others see them as welcome collaborators who have learned to speak their language. The sweet spot, UXPlanet reports, is called “shared understanding”—where a designer knows enough code to understand a developer’s perspective.


How Cities Track Citizens' Sentiment Online


Monitoring social media feeds is a common practice for major brands and companies trying to keep up with consumer sentiment and tastes. Axios says city governments are now tapping into those data streams to keep tabs on residents' chatter and complaints.


The Weird, Dark History of 8chan

Fredrick Brennan began building 8chan as he came down from a psychedelic mushroom trip in 2013. Brennan severed ties with the site in 2016, and, as Wired reports, when the El Paso shooter posted an anti-immigration manifesto on 8chan minutes before he opened fire on people in a WalMart near the U.S.-Mexico border, Brennan called for it to be shut down for good.


The Oldest Running Web Camera Will Go Dark

On Aug. 30, FogCam, the internet's oldest running web camera, will air its final transmission from its perch atop San Francisco State University, Engadget reports. Since 1994, the camera has allowed people worldwide to watch the coming and going of San Francisco's famous fog. FogCam's creators were inspired by the world's first webcam, the University of Cambridge's Trojan coffee pot camera.


Reverse Evolution


Millions of years after the ancestors of humans evolved to lose their tails, a research team at Japan’s Keio University has built a robotic one they say could help unsteady elderly people keep their balance, Reuters reports. Dubbed Arque, the device mimics tails such as those of cheetahs and other animals used to keep their balance while running and climbing.