A Curious Case


The Capital One Breach Is 'Strange'

At a glance, this week's news of the Capital One breach is familiar: a big company let a lot of sensitive data go missing, and customers bore most of the risk. Yet the closer you look, The Verge reports, "the stranger the story is." For starters, the alleged hacker didn’t seem interested in covering her tracks. Is she possibly a well-intentioned researcher who went a little too far?


‘Anonymous’ Data Can Reveal Your Identity

Though data brokers must anonymize records before sharing them with researchers and marketers, a new study shows it is surprisingly easy to ID an individual within a supposedly incognito data set, Scientific American says. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that scientists in Great Britain and Belgium have devised a computer algorithm that can identify 99.98 percent of Americans from almost any available data set with as few as 15 attributes, such as gender, ZIP code or marital status.


The Evolution of the Gig Economy


Gig work is nothing new, but it today it means much more than it did in the past, Fast Company reports. How many in the workforce are doing gig work? According to the Gig Economy Data Hub, a joint project of Cornell University’s Institute of Labor Relations and the Aspen Institute, the percentage is around 30 percent.


Is Peak Podcast Upon Us?


Podcasts are today’s de rigueur medium, seemingly adopted by every entrepreneur, freelancer, self-proclaimed marketing guru and even corporation. There are now upward of 700,000 podcasts, and 2,000 and 3,000 new shows launch each month. The New York Times wonders if a shakeout is looming.


A Truly Autonomously Plane Takes Flight


A team of German researchers has created an automatic landing system for small aircraft that lets them touch down not only without a pilot, but without any of the tech on the ground that lets other planes do it, TechCrunch reports. It could open up a new era of autonomous flight—and make ordinary landings safer.


Netflix Unveils Cheaper, Mobile-Only Plans—but Not Here

Netflix has officially launched a cheaper, mobile-only subscription tier in India, after a series of tests across a handful of Asian markets that started last year, VentureBeat reports. It hasn’t confirmed any plans to continue the rollout elsewhere. A recent eMarketer report suggested U.S. adults now spend more time on mobile phones than watching television.


Content You Should Not Post on Social Media


When you post bad content to your social media channels, you run the risk of overshadowing all the hard work you’ve put into building your presence. Social Media Today outlines nine content types that could be wrecking your social media—and losing you followers.


What Makes a Great Blog Post?

Without a blog, a firm's SEO can tank, it will have nothing to promote in social media, and it will have no clout with leads and customers, HubSpot says. But lackluster blog posts are almost as bad as none at all. What are the keys to writing powerful blog posts?


The Worst Time to Buy a New Phone? Now

Don't buy a new smartphone right now, Business Insider advises. In just a couple of months, the biggest tech companies in the world, including Apple, Google, and Samsung, will announce their flagship phones for 2019—and older models to drop in price.


Energy Hike


When you walk with a backpack, the stuff inside sways from side to side, right? Scientists have figured out how to tap into that motion to generate electricity, Scientific American reports. If you are willing to carry a load of 45 pounds for 12 hours on the trail, the passive motion of the pack could fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.