Lunar Legacy


Five Earth-Changing Innovations from the Moon Landing

Much of the technology common in daily life today has roots in the drive to put a human being on the Moon, says Jean Creighton, a NASA airborne astronomy ambassador and director of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Manfred Olson Planetarium. Writing on The Conversation, she says the technologies behind weather forecasting, GPS and even smartphones can trace their origins to the race to the Moon a half-century ago. 


Elon Musk Aims to Build Mind-Reading Implants

Elon Musk’s secretive “brain-machine interface” startup, Neuralink, this week gave a progress report on its efforts to create a wireless implantable device that can read your mind, The Guardian reports. Founded in 2017, Neuralink says it has designed very small “threads”–smaller than a human hair–that can be injected into the brain to detect the activity of neurons.


FaceApp—and Privacy Concerns—Are Back


FaceApp, a Russia-based app that applies filters to photos, is having another social media moment this week, The Verge reports. The app, which went viral in 2017, has returned with a filter that makes users look older or younger. Some users, however, have been surprised to learn that the app’s creators are harvesting metadata from their photos.


Are Influencers Going to Rule the World?


As social media expands its cultural dominance, the people who can steer the online conversation may have the upper hand. In fact, writes Kevin Roose on the New York Times, "the teenagers and 20-somethings who have mastered these platforms … are going to dominate not just internet culture or the entertainment industry but society as a whole."


Seven UX Design Myths


UX = UI. Users don't scroll. Design means good looking. These commonly held assumptions are just three of the UX design myths detailed by Alisher Satybaldin on UX Planet.


Vungle Is Sold for a Reported $750 Million

Private-equity giant Blackstone Group is acquiring Vungle in a deal that will boost the mobile video advertisement startup, Mobile Marketer reports. The deal values Vungle, founded in 2011, at about $750 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Bulgaria’s Entire Adult Population Is Hacked


A 20-year-old man arrested in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Tuesday has been charged with an unprecedented hack of the country’s tax authority, causing the theft of sensitive personal records from nearly every adult in Bulgaria, the MIT Technology Review reports. The data leak includes names, addresses, income and earnings information, and personal identification numbers.


HubSpot Rolls Out a Free Email Marketing Service

Users of HubSpot’s free CRM tool now will be able to send up to 2,000 marketing emails at no cost each month, Fast Company reports. HubSpot also will let its users manage up to $1,000 in ad spending on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn each month as part of the free plan.


Managing Your Brand Reputation Online

Consumers today have more ways than ever to capture information before making a purchase. As a result, Ad Age reports, brands are grappling with how to manage their reputation online, including making sense of feedback data and preparing for looming challenges such as natural-language processing and its effect on consumer reviews.


Lab to Market


Just in time for International Ice Cream Day on Sunday, lab-grown ice cream has arrived, Vox reports. It’s made from whey protein produced by genetically modified yeast; no cows needed. The new snack is the product of five years of work at startup Perfect Day, founded by a pair of young vegan bioengineers.