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Who Are the 10 Highest-Paid Tech CEOs?

New data compiled by the AFL-CIO shows which CEOs were the highest paid in 2018. Business Insider used the data to compile a list of the 10 highest-paid tech CEOs in the U.S. Where do Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Google's Sundar Pichai rank? They don't even make the list.


Lessons Learned from Co-Founding Dribbble

After deciding to retire from Dribbble, co-founder Dan Cederholm reflected on what he's learned over the last 10 years. Writing on Medium, Cederholm shares insights on building a community for designers, learning how to run a business, and how navigating "some tough life years proved both fun and difficult."


A Bid to Strike Gold Twice


In 2013, Gentry Underwood sold his startup Mailbox, a mobile email app, to Dropbox for a reported $100 million. The app was only 37 days old. Now, Business Insider reports, he's back with a new startup: Navigator, a teamwork assistant powered by artificial intelligence. Does he still have the magic touch?


Is It Time to Ditch Chrome?


Who is the web’s biggest snoop of all? Google. That's the conclusion reached by Washington Post technology columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler. "Seen from the inside, its Chrome browser looks a lot like surveillance software," he writes. His conclusion: Ditch Chrome for a new version of nonprofit Mozilla’s Firefox.


Is the 'Like' Button Addictive?


Researchers liken our smartphones to slot machines, triggering the same reward pathways in our brain, the BBC reports. And, they note, slot machines are addictive "by design." No surprise, social media firms have taken note.


Most Tech Workers Are Willing to Relocate

Three out of four technology workers would be willing to relocate for a new job, according to a study from trade group CompTIA. In deciding where to live, 82 percent of tech workers said cost of living was the top factor, Axios reports. Weather, commute times and affordable housing also ranked high in the survey.


The End of the Road for Google’s Trips


Google’s travel app Trips is shutting down on Aug. 5, ceding its territory to apps such as TripIt and RoadTrippers. Google has created a page describing all the various methods you can use to replace the features of the soon-to-be-gone Trips app. The Verge reviews Google's suggestions.


What’s New with Kindle Oasis? Adjustable Hue

The newly released Kindle Oasis e-reader has a fancy new feature: a color adjustable backlight. Rather than simply changing the brightness of the screen to help with evening reading, it can alter hue as the day progresses, The Next Web reports. The 8GB model will set you back $249.99, while the 32GB version costs $279.99.


What Does 'Intuitive' Really Mean?

Among designers, "intuitive" is almost universally praised. The problem is, intuitive means different things to different people. Writing for UX Collective, Fabricio Teixeira says intuitive should be a reminder of "how important it is that, throughout the design process, the simplicity of the experience gets prioritized over less important things."


How Not to Get Beat Up


Brazil has a fierce and sometimes violent soccer culture. That prompted the Brazilian branch of the Leo Burnett creative agency to develop a way to keep fans safe: a jersey that goes from a neutral design to team colors. A combination of fabric, pigments, and GPS lets fans flash their true fan colors only when they’re safely in the stadium with fellow supporters of their favorite team, Fast Company reports.