The Cashless Backlash


Not Everyone Likes Digital Payments

More and more people are ditching cash in favor of cards and digital payments, but don't toss cash onto the trash heap of history just yet, Fast Company reports. A May memo from the federal reserve bank of Atlanta notes that a fully cashless future is unlikely. And a backlash to cash-free stores is underway. Several cities and states have either proposed or implemented bans on stores that don’t accept cash; meanwhile in Washington, two bills recently were submitted in Congress to curb cashlessness.


How Adobe Jumped to $5 Billion in Recurring Revenue


When Adobe launched Creative Cloud in 2013, shifting to selling subscriptions, the company had some $200 million in annual recurring revenue. Today, Adobe has more than $5 billion in recurring revenue, VentureBeat reports. Adobe shared the lessons learned along the way at Imagine 2019, the company’s conference for its ecommerce platform Magento.


The Promise of Tech Jobs Proves Elusive

Many experts believe mastering software code and applying it in business holds the promise of becoming the modern path to the middle class for people without four-year college degrees. But as the New York Times reports, others say the idea that tech jobs will fill the hole left by the loss of manufacturing jobs anytime in the foreseeable future is unrealistic.


Video Growth Spurs Mobile Ad Spending


First-quarter mobile ad spending rose 29 percent on the growth of mobile video ads, according to a quarterly report that sell-side platform PubMatic shared with Mobile Marketer. The company forecasts that mobile devices will be the preferred platform for video ad placement, overtaking desktop platforms, by the end of this year.


Spotify's Soundtrap Offers a Podcast Studio in the Cloud


Soundtrap has launched Soundtrap for Storytellers, a cloud-based podcast creation platform with a number of advanced features, including the ability to transcribe and edit podcasts, collaborate with others, and more, TechCrunch reports. Like Anchor, also owned by Spotify, Soundtrap is focused on making it easier to podcast. But unlike Anchor, which is free, Soundtrap is subscription-based, starting at $11.99 a month, if billed annually.


Google Tracks What You Buy—and It’s Hard to Delete

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently wrote a New York Times op-ed that said “privacy cannot be a luxury good.” But behind the scenes, Google tracks a lot of what you buy, even if you purchased it elsewhere, like in a bricks-and-mortar store or from Amazon. And the information cannot be easily deleted, CNBC reports.


Is a Bitcoin Resurgence Underway?


The price of bitcoin raced from $5,000 to $8,000 in the last month, evidence of a possible cryptocurrency revival, Quartz reports. Demand may be fueled by an institutional embrace of crypto, rather than the retail investment mania of 2017. But will the recent surge be long lived?


Sophie Schmidt Plans a New Tech Publication

Sophie Schmidt, the daughter of Eric Schmidt, the former Google and Alphabet executive chairman, is founding a nonprofit publication that will cover “the surprising and complex effects of technology outside the U.S. and Europe,” with plans to launch by the end of the year, BuzzFeed reports. The 32-year-old Schmidt plans to self-fund the journalism nonprofit initially.


The Mother of Two Tech CEOs Shares Some Advice

The mother of tech CEOs Susan Wojcicki (YouTube) and Anne Wojcicki (23andMe) sees tech as a valuable tool for making vast amounts of information widely accessible. But, as befits her role as a long-time educator, Esther Wojcicki still cautions parents against overexposing children to technology, Fortune reports.


Jammin’ with Burger King


In Mexico City, Burger King has introduced the "Traffic Jam Whopper," part of a delivery platform designed to bring BK food to consumers in the most heavily gridlocked areas while they're still at the wheel, Ad Age reports. It uses real-time traffic data to determined heavily congested areas; Waze banner ads and digital billboards then alert drivers when the delivery service is available to them.