What's Behind Facebook's About-Face


Why the Social Media Titan Is Reworking Its Business Model

In its latest issue, Fortune provides an inside look at how Facebook is battling everyone from Google to Elizabeth Warren while trying to protect its core business. Facebook’s reworking of its business model is not merely a response to the scrutiny the company faces. Its core business is slowing dramatically.


Instagram Launches In-App Shopping Feature


Instagram is adding a way for users to make streamlined purchases without leaving the app, Social Media Today reports. Only two dozen businesses are participating in the initial trial, but it's certain to grow into a major revenue stream for Instagram, which will charge businesses a fee for each transaction facilitated.


Terror and the Social Media Business Model

The ability of internet users to spread a video of Friday’s slaughter in New Zealand marked a triumph—albeit appalling—of human ingenuity over computerized systems designed to block images of violence and hate, the Washington Post reports. It also raised questions about whether social media can be made safer without undermining business models that rely on the speed and volume of content uploaded by users worldwide.


Where Even Tech Workers Feel Poor


For teachers, firefighters and service-industry workers whose wages haven’t kept up with the skyrocketing cost of housing, San Francisco is practically unaffordable. Now, Recode reports, even programmers with six-figure salaries are struggling to afford studio apartments in the Bay Area.


How 'Uber-for-X' Companies Have Fared


Born in March 2009, Uber became not just a disruptive, controversial transportation company, but a model for dozens of venture-funded companies. The Atlantic built a spreadsheet of 105 "Uber-for-X" companies to see where they are now. Four are valued at more than $1 billion—but nearly half are gone.


Devin Nunes’ $250 Million Suit Against Twitter, Explained

Rep. Devin Nunes is suing Twitter, a Republican strategist, and two parody Twitter accounts—one purporting to be Nunes’s mother, the other purporting to be Nunes’s cow. To many on the internet, the suit is a source of hilarity. But to the California Republican and his allies, social media platforms have been far too unfair to right-leaning users. And now, Vox explains, Nunes believes it’s time to fight back—in court.


Yes, Google’s Stadia Is a Big Deal


For gamers, Google’s new Stadia streaming game service offers the potential to make several long-held dreams a reality—but Stadia's innovations are about more than just the future of gaming, Axios writes. If Google can stream the most demanding applications to a TV with a Chromecast streaming media stick, it can turn any screen into a powerful computer.


Why Wireframes Are Becoming Less Relevant

Writing on Medium, designer Sean Dexter says "over time I’ve found wireframes to be less and less useful, and I don’t think I’m alone." He contends there are a number of shifts in industry thinking and practices that are contributing to this change.


The Second-Generation AirPods Are Really AirPods 1.5

After much speculation and churning of rumor, Apple's second-generation AirPods are finally here and they're not quite what some folks were hoping the AirPods 2 would be, CNet writes. The biggest disappointment is the design: They look identical to the original AirPods, which are more than two years old.


A Galaxy of Phones


To mark the launch of its latest Galaxy S10 phone, Samsung has opened a new flagship store in Shibuya, Japan—whose façade features 1,000 Galaxy smartphones glowing atop the stark black box of a building. Through a visual trick, Fast Company reports, it appears the phones screens are floating like holograms over the glass.