5 Reasons Landing Pages Are So Effective

Josh Nordeen



October 26, 2017

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are focused, action-driven pages designed to promote a single product, service or offer.

Your business website tries to accommodate many users' needs and offers different paths to take, such as learning about the company, reading blog articles or browsing products. A landing page offers only one path and covers only one topic. This specificity is what makes landing pages so effective when seen by a targeted user.

Here are five reasons landing pages are so important.

1. No distractions

A good landing page will show only content related to what is being advertised. It will be visually branded to match your business, but there will be no navigation or links to other pages. This focus allows the user to very quickly and easily get the information needed to make a decision.

A user who searches for one of your services today is probably taken to your website, where they would click through to learn more about that service while trying not to be distracted by irrelevant content. If that user was taken to a landing page designed specifically for the service they searched for, they would be more likely to absorb the content and sign up for a trial.

2. A single call-to-action

Landing pages work better than a business website in getting users to follow through on a call-to-action simply because on a landing page there is only one. A business website may have a call-to-action to try a product, but also one to request a quote, or sign up for the newsletter. Even if one CTA is the most prominent, anything that doesn't support it or leads in another direction makes it less effective.

With a single CTA either right at the top or with only one path that leads to it, a landing page does a much better job getting conversions.

3. Precision targeting

While your website needs to target a broad audience, landing pages are so focused they can be used to target specific niche audiences separately.

A Facebook ad for your service could lead to a landing page designed to speak to social media users. At the same time, an email campaign for that same service sent out to your blog subscribers could lead to a different landing page aimed at your readers.

4. Testing insights

Landing pages can be used effectively to learn more about your users. By creating landing pages for specific campaigns, sources or actions, you can discover what topics users are most interested in and which channels are bringing in the most leads. With this information you can better hone your marketing strategy.

Landing pages are also easy to create and change—and separate from your website—which makes them perfect for testing. A/B testing on landing pages is a great way to discover which layout pieces of content are most engaging.

5. Improved search campaigns

Landing pages are extremely search-friendly. Since the content is so focused and optimized, searches for that product or service will bring the landing page high up on the list of results. Users searching for a specific thing will be more inclined to click on a link that leads to a page about exactly what they searched for than a company homepage with a lot of general information.

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