A Strategic Miscalculation


Amazon’s Big HQ2 Mistake

In its HQ2 contest, Amazon made a grave miscalculation, Recode writes: Its executives did not grasp that they launched the contest in one political climate and ended it in an altogether different era. Amazon thought it had time to prove it would be a good, and generous, corporate neighbor. It was wrong. The Chicago Tribune looks at what happened behind the scenes.


Your Browsing Speed Is Slow? Blame Ad Code

Ads are the chief culprit for making webpages slow to a crawl, according to research by Patrick Hulce, a former Google engineer. Roughly 60 percent of the total loading time of a page is caused by scripts that place advertisements or analyze what users do, the BBC reports. What’s more, ad blockers can trigger “convoluted workaround logic and complex disguising of ads that increase script execution time," Hulce told the Register.


How Number Crunching Can Lead to Moral Blunders

History shows that efficiency without ethics can be catastrophic, Caitlin Rosenthal writes in the Washington Post. Rosenthal, author of "Accounting for Slavery: Masters and Management," says considering data removed from the humans represented in the numbers makes it perilously easy to overlook the stories the data does not tell.


How Companies Are Building Their Brands on Fortnite

The advertisers already winning at Fortnite are those that are part of the community now synonymous with the game, Digiday reports. Fast-food restaurant Wendy’s did this last November when it hosted its first livestream of the game on Twitch. Fortnite doesn’t feature in-game ads, but its developer Epic Games can code in branded content for the right opportunity.


Jeff Bezos' Double Standard

If Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the political victim of surveillance abuses by the Trump administration, it would be scandalous and dangerous—and also deeply ironic, Glenn Greenwald writes on The Intercept. "That’s because Amazon, the company that has made Bezos the planet’s richest human being, is a critical partner for the U.S. government in building an ever-more invasive, militarized and sprawling surveillance state," Greenwald argues.


'LinkedIn Live' Makes Its Debut

LinkedIn is not known for its speed of innovation, but the professional social network is now fast on the heels of a social media trend by adding its own live-streaming option, Social Media Today reports. LinkedIn's new live video tool—called “LinkedIn Live”—will provide another option for video content on the platform.


Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Writing on Medium, Eugen Esanu of Laroche.co reflects on his own experience with startups and building his own product on the side. He says common mistakes are easy to spot, but often hard to avoid.


How to Make a Great 'About' Page

An "About Us" page is one of the most important pages on a company website, yet many get short shrift. HubSpot examines some top-notch “About” pages and explains what it takes to make one.


AI's Threat to Humanity, in 500 Words

Many tech leaders think artificial intelligence will transform the world—and maybe annihilate it. We don’t yet have “general AI”—computer systems that can perform at a human or superhuman level across lots of different tasks—but when it arrives, we’ll have few options to steer it, this Vox explainer notes.


Laundry by Remote

Japanese company Mira Robotics has developed a robot called Ugo that will perform a variety of household chores—with some human help: It’s remotely controlled by a teleoperator. “It’s a bit like hiring a housekeeper,” Digital Trends writes, “with the difference that they never physically visit your home, but rather remote control a robot for a few hours each week.”