The Technology Divide


How Tech Is Splitting the Work Force

Automation is changing the nature of work, pushing workers who lack a college degree out of productive industries and into tasks with meager wages and no prospect for advancement, Eduardo Porter writes in the New York Times. Economists are reassessing their belief that technological progress lifts all boats.


Slack's Path to a Public Offering

Slack was late to the world of workplace messaging apps, but that did not prevent it from spreading like wildfire. As The Verge reports, Slack outraced a number of other messaging apps on the path to the planned public stock offering it announced this week. Meanwhile, Axios says Slack is just one of many firms likely to go public this year.


Why So Few People Buy Groceries Online

Nearly 30 years ago, when just 15 percent of Americans had a computer and even fewer had online access, the internet’s first grocery-delivery company, Peapod, was launched. Today, the vast majority of Americans use the internet, and Peapod is still around — but convincing customers to order groceries online is still nearly as difficult now as it was in 1989. The Atlantic explores why this is so.


Evernote Tries to Design a Rebound

The note-taking Evernote app has faced struggles, letting 15 percent of its workforce go and losing some top executives. In August, it underwent a rebranding in an attempt to refocus itself as a service. Writing on Muzli, Simon McCade examines Evernote’s design as a business and how its UX and UI serve to meet its users’ needs.


Blockchain Developer Is the Top Emerging Job, LinkedIn Says

Blockchain developer ranks No. 1 on LinkedIn’s latest emerging jobs list, Developer reports. Guy Berger, the chief economist at LinkedIn, says growth can also be seen in data science roles as the industry is expanding and developing more specialized roles.


Spotify Puts Big Money into Its Podcast Push

Spotify is going after podcasts in a major way in 2019, TechCrunch reports. The music streaming service this week confirmed it has snapped up two podcast networks — Gimlet and Anchor — and plans to spend an additional $400-$500 million “on multiple acquisitions in 2019” to get even deeper into the space.


What Your ZIP Code Says About You

Esri, a geographic-information firm based in California, offers a "ZIP Lookup" feature on its website that breaks down the characteristics of a neighborhood’s residents by culture, lifestyle, and demographics based on data collected from the area. Each ZIP code shows a percentage breakdown of Esri's 67 unique market-segment classifications, Business Insider reports.


How Psychology Explains Viral Marketing Videos

At their core, viral videos are sticky ideas in action, HubSpot observes. Up against an endless supply of videos all screaming for attention, they successfully slice through the clutter, resonate emotionally with viewers, and are actually considered valuable pieces of content.


Analytics Tools That Can Help Your Business

In order to maximize the performance of a social media campaign, measurement is crucial. According to Social Media Today, there’s truth in the adage what can't be measured, can't be improved.


Will It Pull Weeds, Too?

iRobot is rolling out a lawn-mowing version of its Roomba vacuum cleaner, the Laughing Squid reports. The Terra robot will mow the lawn using the same imprint smart mapping technology employed by the indoor versions.