The Myth of the Lone Genius Founder


The Myth of the Lone Genius Founder

When award-winning novelist MacKenzie Bezos and her husband Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, announced on Twitter recently they were getting divorced, the internet was full of stories speculating on what will happen to “his wealth.” What was often missing or glossed over, Wired notes, is the fact that MacKenzie helped her husband start the online titan.


In Politics, Twitter and Instagram Square Off

There's a reason why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Beto O’Rourke are regulars on Instagram Live. Actually, 700 million reasons: that's the number of the platform's monthly users. Fast Company looks at how rising Democratic stars are using Instagram to try to trump the president’s Twitter feed.


The Risks of Focusing Narrowly on Product Growth

The upside to relentlessly growing a product is obvious: more revenue, more customers, more money for R&D. In fact, Joe Van Os of Production Coalition writes, there are so many benefits that businesses often overlook the potential downsides including growth at the expense of innovation.


This Scooter-Sharing Firm Will Soon Be Worth $2 Billion

The 2-year-old scooter-sharing company Lime is finalizing a new round of fundraising that values the company at about $2 billion excluding the new cash, Recode reports. The $2 billion valuation, while impressive, actually reflects humbler ambitions for Lime: It originally pitched investors on a valuation that was almost two times as high as the one it secured.


Why Slack Decided to Revamp Its Logo

Slack this week announced it is completely revamping its logo. The popular team collaboration and communications app said in a blog that the change is not simply for sake of change, but rather a functional improvement, 9to5Google reports. Slack says this is just the beginning of a broader revamp of its look.


The Top Programming Skills to Learn in 2019

Want to earn a decent wage and boost your chances of getting a job as a developer in 2019? Then you might want to learn Kotlin and Java, Tech Republic reports.


Facebook Plans to Give $300 Million to Journalism Projects

Facebook this week announced plans to put $300 million over three years into a number of journalism projects, including several non-profit ventures that focus on local reporting. The Columbia Journalism Review says the grants will include $20 million to expand Facebook’s Accelerator pilot, which aims to help local newsrooms improve their success with subscription and membership models.


How Automation Is Quietly Remaking Service Work

Over the past few years, the service industry has started cutting worker schedules by outsourcing human duties to machines. Workers may not be replaced by robots anytime soon, but they’ll likely face shorter hours, lower pay, and stolen time, The Atlantic reports.


How to Erase Your Online Presence

Want to reduce your digital footprint online, lock down data or vanish entirely? ZDnet offers a step-by-step guide on how to do so.


No More Stopping to Tie Your Laces

Nike’s decades-long dream to create a smart shoe that adapts to wearers’ feet appears is taking a big step forward, The Verge reports. The Adapt BB, its new self-lacing, Bluetooth-enabled sneaker product, is part of Nike’s bid to fundamentally change footwear and, of course, sell more shoes.