How to Reinvent an Aging Internet Business


From to Dotdash Business

Here's the challenge that faced Neil Vogel: how to reinvent the once-mighty On the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Dotdash's CEO explains how he turned the ’90s internet juggernaut into a modern network of sites answering people’s questions about topics like health, food, and personal finance.



How Google Checks to See If Its AI Is Ethical

The newest job at Google? Checking its AI to make sure it’s ethical. The company has added a “formal review structure” for its use of AI, Quartz reports. Google instated a new ethics policy last year as a response to the worker movement opposing its controversial Project Maven contract with the Department of Homeland Security.


Is the Age of Apple Coming to an End?

The last big innovation explosion — the proliferation of the smartphone — is clearly ending, a fact underscored by Apple's recent announcement that it was going to miss its projected revenue by billions of dollars this quarter. All of tech is seeking the next major platform and area of growth, writes Kara Swisher in the New York Times. "We are stumbling in the dark," she says.


Trends That Will Shape Mobile Marketing This Year

The impact of mobile marketing innovations and disruptions of years past will continue to come into focus in 2019 as markets mature and leading players battle for dominance. Key areas, Mobile Marketer writes, include mobile video, social commerce and voice technology.


How to Make a Distinctive Business Podcast

As more businesses embrace podcasting, the need to find ways to stand out grows. The Podcast Host looks at what to do to avoid becoming just another one of many business podcasts.


How Computers Got So Good at Image Recognition

A landmark 2012 paper transformed how software recognizes images. Almost overnight, a technology called deep convolutional neural networks became the leading technique for image recognition, Ars Technica writes.


Four Awful Marketing Buzzwords for 2019

Remember “sticky content”? Four more words and phrases are likely to join it among the worst content marketing buzzwords ever, writes Joe Lazauskas on Contently.


A Simple Design Framework

No design is neutral, writes Jesse Weaver, director of entrepreneurial design at CMCI Studio, on Medium. Users move through an application by making a series of choices based on available options. He outlines a two-step design framework for deciding when to "nudge" users in a certain direction, how to nudge them, and what outcome is “best” in a given choice architecture.


Was 2018 All Bad for Cryptocurrencies?

Prices plummeted. Scams abounded. Critics have pointed to cryptocurrencies’ paltry market performance and the preponderance of scams as proof that the technology is doomed. But bitcoin evangelist Andreas M. Antonopoulossees positives in the “year of consolidation,” Slate reports.


Tacky, Wacky Tech

What do a Lamborghini-themed massage chair, Roomba-like lawn mowers and cars with foldable legs have in common? All are among the oddest gizmos, gadgets, and doodads Business Insider photographed at CES in Las Vegas, an annual tech extravaganza.