Datto's Big Day


Datto, Started by RIT Alum McChord, Raises $550 Million in IPO

Datto Inc. conducted an initial public offering Wednesday, the Rochester Beacon reports. Founded by Rochester Institute of Technology graduate Austin McChord in 2007, the Norwalk, Conn.-based software company employs 200 in the Rochester area. It reportedly raised some $550 million in the offering.


The Case Against Google


The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday filed a long-awaited antitrust lawsuit against Google and its alleged search monopoly. The Washington Post outlined five key takeaways from the suit. (Read the 64-page complaint here.)


Living in Google’s World

Googling something was all we once did with Google. Now we spend hours a day using its maps, videos, security cameras, email, smartphones and more. New York Times columnist Brian Chen decided to catalog Google’s presence in our lives.


Defining Moments in Tech Over the Last 25 Years

As Fast Company celebrates its 25th anniversary, the magazine has compiled a list of 25 moments that have defined the tech industry since its first issue hit the stands with a cover date of November 1995. "For better or worse—and sometimes both at the same time—these events have had lasting impact," the magazine says.


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‘Robot Revolution’ Will Create—and Destroy—Jobs 


Half of all work tasks will be handled by machines by 2025 in a shift likely to worsen inequality, a World Economic Forum report has forecast. The think tank said a "robot revolution" would create 97 million jobs worldwide but destroy almost as many, leaving some communities at risk, the BBC says.


Your Work Was Stolen. Now What? 

To protect your creative work, you need to understand the laws regarding copyright infringement and what steps you need to take to get the infringing work taken down. Writing on Dribbble, Cameron Chapman offers a primer.


Your Browser Can Give You a Bit More Privacy


Data privacy laws are still a work in progress, but one major improvement is coming: Global Privacy Control, which in theory will let you automatically opt out of having your data sold or shared at every website you visit, Vox reports. Still in its early stages, it is available now through the Privacy Badger extension available for most browsers.


First, Beat PowerPoint. Next, Even Bigger Plans

Pitch wants to make it easy to create presentations—and then it wants to redefine what a presentation is in the first place. To achieve its ambitions, Protocol reports, it needs to dethrone PowerPoint.


Quibi Calls It Quits

Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg this week told investors that the streaming service is shutting down, Business Insider reports. As noted in last week's Dwaiter Weekly, Quibi fell victim to both the app’s concept and its execution. 


Real or Not?


Ever since Nick Bostrom of the University of Oxford wrote a seminal paper in 2003, philosophers, physicists, technologists and, yes, comedians have been grappling with the idea of our reality being a simulacrum. Gauging whether or not we dwell inside someone else’s computer may come down to advanced AI research—or measurements at the frontiers of cosmology, Scientific American writes. It adds that the odds are, uh, about 50-50.