After the Pandemic


The Post-Covid Workspace Looks Increasingly Remote


A growing number of tech companies say workers need not ever come back to the office if they don't want to, Axios reports. Dropbox said Tuesday it will become a "virtual-first" company that allows workers to telecommute. Other companies making similar moves include Twitter, Square and Microsoft. Even more white-collar companies are extending working from home at least through next summer, the New York Times reports.


Quibi's Big Flop


Less than six months after its launch, highly touted Quibi appears to be on the ropes. The short-form mobile streaming service founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg and led by CEO Meg Whitman, both business luminaries, has fallen victim to both the app’s concept and its execution, Quartz reports.  


Coursera’s Co-founder Takes on Zoom

Daphne Koller, who changed the world of online education once when she co-founded Coursera, hopes to do it again, Protocol reports. Koller believes she can challenge Zoom with a video platform tailor-made for education called Engageli.


Google Analytics Gets an Upgrade

The new version of Google Analytics introduced this week has "machine learning at its core," the company said in a blog post. The idea behind the update, TechCrunch reports, is to "give marketers access to more information they care about most by using that machine learning to surface data like which groups of customers are most likely to buy and which are most likely to churn."


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Common Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid 


A properly designed and functioning website landing page greets customers warmly, informs leads, and even collects customer contact information. But all too often, landing pages fail to avoid pitfalls that undermine their effectiveness. Web Designer Depot outlines seven common errors.


Are the Presidential Polls Wrong? 

An analysis of the emotions being expressed on social media indicates that the upcoming U.S. presidential election may be a much closer contest than many commentators and pollsters believe, Fortune reports. uses an A.I. technique called "sentiment analysis." Its analysis puts Democratic candidate Joseph Biden ahead of President Donald Trump, 50.2% to 47.3%, a margin that is much narrower than the double-digit lead that Biden has over Trump in most national opinion polls.


How iPhone 12's Four Models Compare


After a month’s delay due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Apple finally announced its latest family of iPhones during a virtual online event Tuesday. They include the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro; all feature 5G connectivity. CNet offers a spec-by-spec comparison of the new phones.


Zoom’s Bid to Be a Social Platform

Zoom has rolled out a platform for third-party apps—called “Zapps”—and a service called OnZoom for hosting paid live events, Fast Company reports. Although Zoom already ties into third-party services through its App Marketplace, those integrations are more about making Zoom available inside other apps. The new Zapps flip things around, so that other apps can run inside of Zoom’s desktop software. 


The Key to Powerful Case Studies

Expression, passion, style, persuasion, authenticity. These five elements encompass a customer success story—and they are the key to case studies that can demonstrate a product or service's power by telling a real story, HubSpot reports. 


Microscopic Steps


Scientists at Cornell University have created a tiny micro-robot that "walks" using four legs, the BBC reports. Their legs can be independently triggered to bend using laser light. It would take less than a week to make a swarm of a million robots, which could be adapted to become a medical tool.