Duo Dynamic


A Bid to Reinvent Smartphones 

How did two trillion-dollar companies—and ruthless competitors—team up to create the Android-powered Surface Duo? Protocol provides the inside story behind the innovative phone built by Google and Microsoft that debuted this week.


Why Tech Stocks Are Crumbling


The trajectory of the 10 most valuable tech stock suggests a craze destined to end just as the 2000 and 2007 frenzies finished, Fortune reports. Put simply, a group of tech titans went from somewhat rich to stunningly expensive in just 11 months, as their prices exploded—and their overall results showed zero improvement.


Buffett Puts Money on Snowflake's IPO

Snowflake, a cloud data warehousing company, has disclosed that Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and Salesforce Ventures each will purchase $250 million shares as part of its upcoming IPO, Axios reports. Buffett's value investing philosophy is hard to square with Snowflake, a tech unicorn without profits or a public trading history.


Android 11 Update Adds Privacy Controls

New privacy controls and a screen-recording tool are among features being added to Android phones in the latest major update to Google's mobile operating system, the BBC reports. Android 11 also makes it easier to keep track of chat messages across multiple apps, and control smart home gadgets.


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Why Is Good Software Design So Rare? 


We should be living in a golden era of software design. We’re not, writes Derek Kedziora on UX Collective. He says most modern, “well-designed” products suffer from three main problems. One of them: "The UX industry assumes everyone is an idiot, which makes products harder to use."


Google Classroom’s Mixed Grades 

Google’s Classroom product, which teachers use to assign and manage assignments, has added 50 million active users since March, doubling its global footprint. But at the same time it has become a source of frustration, Fast Company reports, because the product was designed to support workflows associated with in-person learning.


What 5G Might Mean for Work


Taking 5G to work, in offices, and on the factory floor—what's to come in the not-too-distant future? Hazy predictions start to coalesce around some concrete realities, Ars Technica reports.


Fitness App Installations Jump During Pandemic 

Health and fitness apps saw a 67 percent jump in global installs in late March and early April from a year earlier as the coronavirus pandemic led mobile consumers to find ways to stay in shape while gyms were closed. The higher installs led to a 61 percent jump in user sessions in May, according to a study shared with Mobile Marketer


The Latest Streaming Obsession: Chess

Entranced by a charismatic chess grandmaster and his lightning-fast play, viewers are flocking to games during the pandemic, the New York Times reports. From March through August, people watched 41.2 million hours of chess on Twitch, four times as many hours as in the previous six months. 


At the Tip of Your Tongue


A new "intra-oral" wearable uses the tongue's sense of touch to let users control computers with their tongue, Mashable reports. Using sensors and a magnetic sphere element, Tong can sense distance and movement. Then, using a WiFi module behind your ear, the device sends the input to other devices.