Who’s Who Hack


VIP Twitter Users' Accounts Breached

Hackers this week breached some of Twitter’s most prominent accounts, a Who’s Who of Americans in politics, entertainment and tech, reports the New York Times. The company disabled broad swaths of its service as it scrambled to prevent the bitcoin scam from spreading further and looked for a fix. A Twitter insider played a key role in the attack, according to Vice Motherboard, citing leaked screenshots obtained by Motherboard and two sources who allegedly took over accounts.


This Mobile News App Aims to Be Different

Brief, a newly launched news aggregator founded by former Google engineers, is designed to tackle a number of problems including information overload, burnout, media bias, and algorithms that prioritize engagement over news accuracy, TechCrunch reports. It summarizes the key fact of a news story, provides context, and offers viewpoints from both sides.


An Ear for Web Design Trends

Web design podcasts are increasingly popular. They’re a great way for designers to develop their skills and generate ideas, and can help anyone who's interested in web design trends to keep up with what’s new. Web Design Depot has compiled a list of a dozen top-rate podcasts.


How Mobile Marketers Pivoted When Covid Hit


Nearly all of the best mobile campaigns to date in 2020 came in the wake of the pandemic's changes to the business landscape, as marketers rushed to meet consumers in digital channels that have increasingly become necessities. Mobile Marketer lists nine of the year's best mobile campaigns so far. 


Why You Need Flauntly Now

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Amazon's New Smart Grocery Cart 


Amazon’s latest innovation in the grocery world is a smart grocery cart, dubbed the Dash Cart. As CNBC reports, the Dash Cart is designed around Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology. The carts are embedded with cameras, sensors and a smart display that automatically track a shopper’s order.


Using Watermarking to Fight Fake News

Two coalitions of news and tech companies are partnering in an effort called Project Origin to fight fake news during the U.S. election, Axios reports. The project aims to place digital watermarks on media originating from authentic content creators. The watermarks degrade when content has been manipulated.


How to Manage Negative Comments


All social media managers sooner or later must deal with negative comments on their brand pages or posts. Often, when confronted with a negative comment, the impulse is to react in kind. Social Media Today says there is a better way.


Puzzling Out Google's Smartphone Lineup 

In February, 9to5google started tracking a few Pixel codenames. Now, it’s finally able to make some sense of what these phones actually are. It reports that Google’s definitely switching things up this year—and offers a guide to start figuring out the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5.


Is It Time to Delete TikTok?

Should you delete the TikTok app? To answer that question, the Washington Post examined privacy concerns raised about the popular short-video social network. Its conclusion: TikTok doesn’t appear to take any more of your data than Facebook—but that’s not a compliment.


Taking the Slow Road


A Harvard sophomore is "driving" across the country on Google Street View, Vice Motherboard reports. Without a car and with the pandemic in full swing, Uday Schultz decided to start in Seattle and work his way back to home in Brooklyn, one Street View click at a time. After almost a month of clicking, Schultz is now about 60 miles northwest of Duluth, Minn.