A Digital Covid


Are We Prepared for a 'Cyber Pandemic'?

We should prepare for a COVID-like global “cyber pandemic” that will spread faster and further than a biological virus, with an equal or greater economic impact. That's the conclusion of the World Economic Forum. The coronavirus crisis provides insights into how leaders can better prepare for such cyber risks.


A New Generation of Unicorns

The next crop of billion-dollar phenoms may be dominated by companies that quietly help other companies get business done, not splashy consumer brands, Fast Company reports.


Will Contactless Payments Reach the Mainstream?

Multiple barriers have curtailed retailers' contactless payment integration. But a pandemic may be the catalyst to spur widespread adoption, reports Mobile Marketer.


Does Social Distancing Tech Respect Privacy?


Businesses, eager to limit liability for employees and customers, are looking at various emerging technologies for limiting pandemic spread by maintaining social distancing. Most workers will have little choice whether to participate in their employer’s risk mitigation, which may pose risks to privacy, the authors of a piece on The Conservation say.


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How to Prepare Your Phone for a Protest 


Demonstrators’ cellphones may subject them to surveillance tactics by law enforcement. If your cellphone is on and unsecured, your location be tracked, and your messages and the content of your phone may also be retrieved by police later. The Markup looks at ways protesters can minimize this risk.


How to Manage a Remote Team

As a remote manager at Webflow, Heather Doshay knows her actions set the tone for her team—whether she means them to or not. "You’re always influencing your team, whether you communicate it or not,” she told Built In. The keys to managing a team working from home are building trust and creating a safe psychological space for employees to thrive.


Apple to Switch to Its Own Mac Processors


Apple is preparing to announce a shift to its own main processors in Mac computers, replacing chips from Intel, as early as this month at its annual developer conference, people familiar with the plans told Bloomberg. Unveiling the initiative at the WWDC event the week of June 22 would give outside developers time to adjust before new Macs roll out in 2021.


The First Beta of Android 11 Arrives 

After a series of developer previews, Google this week released the first beta of Android 11, Tech Crunch reports. At this time, the list of supported devices includes only the Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4.


Where Is the Pixel 4A?

The next less-than-$500 Pixel from Google is a month late, and this week's Android 11 announcements came and went without any mention of the Pixel 4A. The wait could extend into July, The Verge reports.


How to Cause a Crash


After amateur photographer Gaurav Agrawal captured a beautiful sunset at Glacier National Park, he shared it on Flickr—and soon the image was crashing certain Android 10 phones, Gizmodo reports. The problem: When he edited the photo, he exported it using an extra-wide HDR color space. Because Android 10’s color-rendering engine couldn’t properly display the photo’s larger color space, setting the photo as a wallpaper caused some Android phones to boot loop and repeatedly restart, forcing a factory data reset.