Pandemic Puzzle


Why Aren’t Food Delivery App Firms Thriving?

The COVID-19 pandemic seemed like a perfect fit for food delivery apps, with locked-down restaurants dependent on delivery and takeout. Yet, as The Markup reports, some consumers are resisting the apps, eateries are struggling to make delivery sustainable, and there’s potentially a bigger problem ahead: The apps generate the bulk of their revenue by charging high fees to small restaurants, many of which now are at risk of failing.


Covid-19 Is Testing Big Startups

The global pandemic presents the biggest test yet of the strategies adopted by Uber and other large startups like Airbnb and WeWork, reports the Washington Post. It’s putting a huge strain on their business models, raising the question of whether they are too established to innovate.


Google’s Chief on Managing in a Pandemic

Sundar Pichai's job never was particularly easy. Then came Covid-19. In an interview with Wired, the Google and Alphabet CEO discusses managing during the pandemic and reflects on his own journey from a small apartment in India to heading a trillion-dollar company.


Audio Innovation That Matters Now


A recent National Geographic article examined "Zoom fatigue" and some other pitfalls associated with being on video calls multiple times a day or for long periods of time. Dwaiter client Immersitech has worked to address such issues with innovations like its Immersitech Engage portfolio of patented sound processing technologies.


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After Near-Death, MOOCs Are Booming 


The pioneering online learning networks known as MOOCs, for massive open online courses, offer hard-earned lessons in what works and what doesn’t with online education, the New York Times reports. For Coursera, edX and Udacity, the number of student signups this spring has soared.


Instant Messaging Expected to Reach 4.3B Users in 2020

The number of people who use instant messaging will grow 9 percent to 4.3 billion this year as the coronavirus pandemic boosts demand for mobile communication, Juniper Research forecast in a report shared with Mobile Marketer. Digital payments will be key in maintaining growth as the pandemic subsides.


For Docker, the Future Is Back to Basics


The company that popularized cloud containers, the novel way to package software applications that improves the speed and flexibility with which that software can be deployed, failed its enterprise play. Now, Docker is turning back to the developers it began to overlook, Protocol reports.


What Gmail’s Latest Update Will Make Easier 

Google is rolling out a quick-settings menu, which offers a sampling of options that allow users to adjust the look of their inbox without leaving the page, The Verge reports.


How to Boost WFH Digital Safety

The dramatic disruption brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has created new opportunities for hackers and scammers. Businesses use many sophisticated tools to protect themselves against such threats, but the most powerful defense is your own behavior and critical thinking, the World Economic Forum says.


Really Remote


Remote work has boomed during the pandemic, but remote living has always appealed to some people. One such place is the Isle of Mull on Scotland's west coast, where trials of delivery by drone are taking place, a BBC video explains. In addition to dummy cargo, the trials are delivering a much-needed item these days: masks for the island's hospital.