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Telehealth's Bright Future

Many people are having their first experiences with telemedicine now as a result of the pandemic—and they like it. As a result, Fast Company says, telehealth could take off; five years from now it won’t just be virtual—it’ll also be proactive, hyper-personalized, and data-driven.


Apple, Google Release Their Covid Notification Tech

Apple and Google on Wednesday said they have finished the initial version of their exposure notification technology and are making it available to health authorities to build their apps, Axios reports. The Bluetooth-based technology is designed to augment human contact tracing.


Bringing Order to WFH Craziness

Olivia Nottebohm joined Dropbox as chief operating officer at the end of January, when just a few coronavirus cases had been detected in the U.S. As COVID-19 continues to reshape work and business around the world, Protocol reports, she thinks Dropbox has a central role to play as a hub for workplaces of all sizes as they try to figure out how to keep on top of remote working.


Hulu Rolls Out Its Redesign


Hulu on Wednesday began introducing its biggest redesign in years, reports Tech Crunch. The company is moving toward a more standardized user interface with content organized into scrollable horizontal rows, but it continues to showcase its standout titles with bold, cinematic imagery. 


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Why Timeless Design Beats Chasing Trends 


With established best practices and the advent of design systems, it is now possible to strive for a longer design life for products, The Next Web writes. Designers can aim for digital classics instead of one-hit wonders.


Facebook Unveils a New Shopping Service

Facebook is launching Shops, a service that will allow businesses to display and sell products on Facebook and Instagram, Reuters reports. The company also will be working more closely on product integrations with Shopify and seven other online commerce platforms.


Do Risks Outweigh the Benefits of Online Voting?


As governments struggle to adapt to the election challenges surrounding Covid-19, a number of states have launched Internet voting pilots. But many experts argue that these programs could easily be co-opted by malicious actors, Government Tech reports.


Trends That Will Shape Workplace Life After Lockdown 

Businesses are experiencing the biggest remote-work experiment in history, but many are beginning to imagine life after lockdown. With the latest U.S. research revealing that 74 percent of firms want some workers to work remotely permanently, anthropology researcher Dave Cook writes on The Conversation about five key trends that will shape the future of how we work.


Digital Media Strategies Must Shift

The dramatic change in the business landscape since the Covid-19 outbreak has forced marketers to look hard at their digital media strategies. The good news, HubSpot writes, is that current challenges can translate into tremendous opportunity.


Watch Your Step When Checking In


Urban air mobility pioneer EHang has partnered with a tourism platform and hotel development group to create the world’s first passenger drone hotel, DroneLife reports. Guests will be able to travel by EHang’s passenger drone for both transport and aerial tourism at the new hotel in Guangzhou, China.