First, Do No Harm


Needed: Secure Virus Apps That Work

Dozens of tracking apps for smartphones are being used or developed to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. But there are worries about privacy and hastily written software, the New York Times reports.


Tech’s Leaders Outpace Expectations

The U.S. tech titans are weathering the coronavirus storm, Reuters reports. Facebook and Microsoft this week beat analysts' estimates for quarterly revenue, and Amazon's market capitalization has ballooned by over $90 billion to record highs since mid-February.


Taking Aim at Zoom, Google Meet Goes Free

Google Meet is a third of the size of Zoom in daily active users, but the search giant has a plan, ZDNet reports. Google is making Meet, a video conferencing service via G Suite, free and available to everyone.


Instagram Adds Live Donations Feature


Instagram has rolled out a new fundraising option within Instagram Live, which will enable users to raise funds during a Instagram Live stream, like a small-scale telethon via the app, Social Media Today reports. "Many people are facing challenges at this time, and we want to do our part to support nonprofits and communities who need it the most," the company said. 


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How Social Media Can Help in a Pandemic 


Campaigns such as #See10Do10 can make a sometimes-frivolous way of communicating socially useful, Scientific American observes. The question is how the nonmedical layperson can absorb accurate information in the digital incubator of social media.


A Problem Tech Alone Cannot Fix

Schools have had to quickly shift to remote learning as they adapt to social distancing measures. Despite the many tools at teachers’ disposal, however, many of their students aren’t able to connect due to a lack of computers, stable internet connections, or support at home to keep them focused on schoolwork, The Verge reports.


The Gadget That’s Needed Now


Sheltering in place has transformed the tablet computer from a superfluous device into a must-have, writes Brian Chen in the New York Times. With a bigger screen than an iPhone, the iPad excels at videoconferencing, and it’s great for watching movies. When you attach it to a good keyboard, it becomes an excellent budget computer.


Is Gaming During the Lockdown Good for You? 

For gamers, the lockdown might appear to be an ideal opportunity to hone your skills, the BBC reports. But how much should we be playing online? And could it offer some benefits at a time of social isolation? The experts weigh in.


The Value of Inspired Side Projects

For designers, Web Designer Depot reports, side projects can help to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for design to future clients or employers and can create a great new addition to your design portfolio.


The iPhone Unmasked


The iPhone's Face ID was not designed for the coronavirus era, when wearing a mask is a must. But Apple is catching up with the times, CNBC reports. With iOS 13.5 beta 3, released to developers on Wednesday, you just need to swipe up to bring up the passcode screen. It should be available in a few weeks.