Hit by the Virus


Inside Facebook's COVID-19 Response

As Facebook's leadership rushed to devise a strategy to get reliable news to the social network's billions of users, one of the company's top news executives was recovering from the virus. Protocol provides the inside story.


Netflix Gains 15M Subscribers, But Issues Warning

Unlike most companies, Netflix is benefiting from the global pandemic—it added 15.8 million subscribers in the first quarter, up 22 percent year over year, The Verge reports. But the question is, how long can it last? The company warned of slower growth after the lockdown is lifted.


Has Cobol Gotten a Bad Rap?

The 60-year-old Cobol programming language has been blamed for problems that thousands of people have encountered trying to file for unemployment benefits. Yes, Cobol is still used by some government agencies--and banks and airlines. But Wired reports that a more likely cause for those error messages was overloaded web servers.


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Another Pandemic Symptom: Zoom Fatigue 


What started as a social lifeline, and then became an object of privacy and security concerns, has now become a grind, Axios reports. It examines the reasons why videoconferencing is so exhausting.


Say Goodbye to Office as We Know It

When you return to your office after the novel coronavirus pandemic, you’ll probably notice some differences—assuming you do return to an office, Recode says. The Covid-19 crisis will force swift and permanent changes in both commercial real estate and work culture itself.


Usage and Installs Surge During the Lockdown


App usage surged in the first quarter as the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the way people work and play, Mobile Marketer reports. Business apps saw user sessions jump 105 percent and installs increase 70 percent from a year earlier as more people worked from home.


At Last, the Tech Sector Is Delivering on Its Promise 

Despite an incredible volume of hype about the economic impact of digital technology, the harsh reality is that over the last decade it has been a productivity bust. But now, Matthew Yglesias writes on Vox, technology is keeping the white-collar economy alive.


How to Communicate with Customers Now

Local search pros are using every channel available to help their clients stay relevant and keep customers informed. They shared with Marketing Land communication strategies and tips agencies and business owners can use to keep customers informed.


Mambo Meetings


Want to spice up tedious virtual meetings during the coronavirus pandemic? A miniature donkey might be the answer, HuffPost says. Peace N Peas Farm in North Carolina will rent out Mambo, the 8-year-old miniature donkey, and fellow farm animals like chickens and ducks to crash company conference calls. Ten minutes with the animals will set you back $50.