The Great Unwinding


Startups Face an Epic Shakeout

Startups have always been risky, but the coronavirus pandemic is turbocharging natural selection of young tech firms and causing a shakeout so sudden it has defied comparison, the New York Times reports. Fledgling firms are cutting staff, postponing IPOs and seeing funding dry up. “This is the great unwinding,” says the head of a Silicon Valley advisory firm.


Xerox Bails on Its $35 Billion Bid for HP

Xerox Holdings Corp this week abandoned its $35 billion hostile cash-and-stock bid for HP Inc., Reuters reports. Xerox’s decision came after it said it would postpone meetings with HP shareholders to focus on coping with the coronavirus pandemic.


Apple Acquires Weather App Dark Sky

Apple bought paid weather app Dark Sky on Tuesday for an undisclosed amount, Axios reports. The deal allows Apple to use Dark Sky to improve the iPhone's default weather app, which currently gets its data from The Weather Channel. Plus, Apple plans to kill the Android version of Dark Sky.


T-Mobile, Sprint and the 5G Future

What’s most notable about T-Mobile's merger with Sprint, which closed Wednesday, is how it sets up the combined company for the 5G future, reports CNet. T-Mobile gets its hands on midband spectrum, the wireless airwaves coveted by carriers for their ability to boost speeds while still working indoors—something the widely deployed low-band and millimeter-wave 5G networks can't do.


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A Virus-Tracing App Could Ease UK’s Lockdown 

A coronavirus app that alerts people if they have recently been in contact with someone testing positive for the virus "could play a critical role" in limiting lockdowns, scientists advising the British government have concluded, the BBC reports. The study by the team at the University of Oxford's Big Data Institute and Nuffield Department of Medicine was published in the journal Science.


As Its Popularity Explodes, Zoom Privacy Concerns Grow

The widespread use of Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic is putting a bright, harsh light on its privacy and data-collection practices, which critics say leave much to be desired, according to Ars Technica. Meanwhile, Business Insider reports that Zoom is under scrutiny by the New York attorney general's office for its data privacy and security practices.


With WFH, Surveillance Software Is Hot

With so many people working from home, surveillance software is flying off the virtual shelves, the Los Angeles Times reports. “Companies have been scrambling,” Brad Miller, CEO of surveillance software maker InterGuard, told the Times: “(Companies are) trying to maintain a level of security and productivity.”


Tools and Apps That Make Remote Working Easier 

With millions of people shifting to working from home, many are finding it difficult to make that adjustment. Social Media Today looks at 50 tools and apps that can significantly improve the WFH process.


Bill Gates Speaks Out on COVID-19

In a new TED Talk, philanthropist and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates offers insights into the COVID-19 pandemic, discussing why testing and self-isolation are essential, which medical advancements show promise and what it will take to endure this crisis. In a March 2015 TED Talk, Gates urged preparation for a global pandemic.


Better Than Hoarding

In a new twist on toilet paper’s role in the response to the coronavirus outbreak, a group of visual artists are using it as a canvas to raise some much-needed funds, Mashable reports. Launched by two Amsterdam-based creative directors, the GIVE-A-SHEET project features artworks created on pieces of toilet paper. All proceeds are going to support the COVID-Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.