Mt. Hardware


Tech Waste Piles Up

Electronic waste is currently 5 percent of all global waste, and it is set to increase exponentially as more of us own multiple smartphones, laptops and power banks—few of which are likely to be repaired or recycled at the end of their lives. Writing in Scientific American, Nolii co-founder Asad Hamir argues that "only the manufacturers can fix this, by creating a circular hardware economy."


Toronto Rejects Some ‘Smart’ Ideas


Sidewalk Labs, owned by Google-parent Alphabet, must give some more ground on its vision for Quayside, a planned smart neighborhood in Toronto, Engadget reports. Waterfront Toronto, a tri-government organization in charge of the city's lakeside overhaul, rebuffed more than a dozen elements of the Quayside plan in a technical evaluation.


The Problem with Brainstorming

Brainstorming has become one of the most popular problem-solving activities for teams, despite one big problem: Research show it doesn’t work very well. But there is a way to overcome brainstorming's drawbacks, Shane Snow writes on Contently.


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The Elusive Digital Transformation Payback


What enterprises expect from their digital transformation efforts often is not what they actually get, a PwC survey of 2,300 senior executives in 76 countries found. ZDNet reports that, for instance, 91 percent of survey respondents expected to create better customer experiences via digital efforts, but only 71 percent said they actually realized value.


Google’s ‘Envelope’ Blocks Distractions 


Envelope, developed as part of the Google Digital Wellbeing Experiments platform, is designed as an answer to the relentless ping of daily incoming messages, notifications, and emails, Design Milk reports. An Envelope-contained Pixel operates pared down to the basics, only capable of making and receiving calls.


A CDO Does What, Exactly?

For years, designers complained about the need for chief design officers to make strategic decisions alongside CEOs and CMOs. That has happened over the past five years, Fast Company reports, but now there’s a new problem: A study by McKinsey found that few companies know what a CDO is actually supposed to do.


The Return on Investment in Video


It takes more work, and generally more investment, to create effective video versus other content on social media. But the data suggests it may well be worth it, Social Media Today reports.


How to Parle Confidently When Abroad

Even if you have months of Duolingo under your belt, a translation app can help you be way more comfortable navigating communication in a foreign land. Mashable ran tests on 17 of the highest-rated translation apps to come up with a list of top picks.


Dodging the Drawbacks of User-Generated Content

User-generated content on websites can greatly increase engagement, as well as shareability and authenticity. But there are drawbacks too, such as the need to moderate the content and avoid copyright infringement. Web Designer Depot looks at how to steer clear of these problems.


FIDO Understands Cash


FIDO, an AI-based on-demand dog-walking technology startup that uses Web 3.0 advancements such as AI, Blockchain, and machine learning, plans to take a big bite of the dog-service market with a decidedly non-tech tactic: by paying qualified dog walkers more than $100,000 to participate in its trusted partner program, Tech Startups reports. Competitors pay their employees a fraction of what FIDO is offering.