Cyberwar Myths


Separating Fact and Fiction

Cyberwar is a topic fueled by dramatic movies, blue-ribbon commissions and academic theorizing, not to mention the devastating cyberattacks that have occurred. But as Ben Buchanan writes in the Washington Post, many long-held ideas about cyberwars are myths.


Could Drones Help Detect COVID-19?


A quadcopter called the Draganflyer X4-ES, made by a company named Draganfly, soon might help stop the spread of coronavirus, Digital Trends reports. One way would be to use airborne infrared sensors that can read a person’s facial temperature at 100 yards or more.


Can AI Rival Human Creativity?

Being creative is clearly one of the most remarkable human traits. But could AI ever match or even surpass us? Writing on The Conversation, two Danish researchers maintain that even if machines can create innovations from data, they are not likely to steal all the spark of human creativity any time soon.


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UX Mistakes That Hurt Mobile Apps


An attention-grabbing interface might be the least important aspect of a mobile app's UX, says. A good UX doesn't just mean a swanky interface or few bugs, either; it's about delivering real value through flows and functionality that make sense for your audience.


How to Get Better Leads on Social Media 


When it comes to improving lead quality, most marketers agree that social media marketing is the way to go. But what are the most effective ways to do so? Hootsuite offers a list of seven tactics.


Generating Electricity from Air

Could battery-powered electronics soon be a thing of the past? Scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have created a device capable of generating electricity from the water vapor that is naturally present in the atmosphere, TechSpot reports. Unlike other renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind, it even works indoors.


Wikipedia Is Now a Bright Spot


People used to think Wikipedia, the crowdsourced encyclopedia, represented all that was wrong with the web. But today, Wired reports, it is the eighth-most-visited site in the world, and in an era when Silicon Valley's promises look less gilded than before, Wikipedia shines by comparison.


Shopify Signs On with Libra

Shopify has become the latest member of Libra, the Facebook-founded stablecoin developer, CoinDesk reports. Shopify joins roughly a month after Vodafone pulled out of the organization to focus on its own digital payments system. This is the first new member of the organization since its formation four months ago.


How QuickBooks Online and Wave Stack Up

QuickBooks Online and Wave are leaders in the accounting software business. Which one might be better for your firm? looks at the pros and cons of each.


Fungi That Sizzles


A California startup called Prime Roots plans to roll out bacon made with a Japanese superfood fungi called koji, Forbes reports. The alt-bacon even sizzles, shrinks a bit in the pan and curls like pork bacon.