$100 Billion Bet

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July 20, 2023


Can Micron Revitalize an Upstate City?

Will a massive infusion of money for making computer chips transform the economy of the Syracuse area and show how to revitalize regions like Upstate New York and rebuild the nation’s industrial base?

That’s the question posed by Micron’s plan to invest up to $100 billion over the next two decade to construct a new megafab in Clay, the MIT Technology Review reports.

An earlier effort to reinvigorate Western New York, the Buffalo Billion, turned out to be too good to be true, the Wall Street Journal reports. External auditors have written down nearly all of New York’s investment in Tesla’s solar-panel factory.


How Hackers Exploited a Cloud Flaw

A China-based hacker group, dubbed Storm-0558, accessed the cloud-based Outlook email systems of 25 organizations, including the State Department and other government agencies. China has been relentlessly hacking Western networks for decades, Wired reports, but this latest attack uses a unique trick: Hackers stole a cryptographic key that let them generate their own authentication “tokens”—strings of information meant to prove a user’s identity.


AI Firms Face Legal Challenge

A growing group of artists, writers and filmmakers including comedian Sarah Silverman are arguing AI tools like chatbots ChatGPT and Bard were illegally trained on their work without permission or compensation, the Washington Post reports. They pose a major legal threat to companies like OpenAI and Facebook parent company Meta. 


Why a UPS Strike Could Hurt the U.S.

UPS workers are slated to strike at the end of the month if they don’t come to a union contract agreement and the economic damage—even if the strike is relatively short—could be substantial because of the importance today of package delivery, Vox reports. A 10-day strike would cost the economy more than $7 billion and be the costliest work stoppage in at least a century, according to a new study.



  • As algorithms take on an increasingly big share of society’s decision-making, the independent nonprofit research organization Data & Society is setting up the Algorithmic Impacts Methods Lab, or AIMLab, to track their impact on the actual humans at the end of those decisions.
  • Google has released Beta 4 of Android 14, the second beta release with stable APIs, indicating that release of the OS is close to final.
  • Threads, a 4-year-old Slack alternative, has seen a surge in traffic to its website following the launch of Instagram’s Twitter clone Threads. The Slack alternative owns the Threads.com domain name, forcing Instagram’s app to use Threads.net when its website is unveiled.


“We do not have I think, clearer insights into the extent to which AI will be displacing or augmenting (jobs)."

Jared Bernstein, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors

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