Client Overview

Located on 70th & Lexington in NYC, Travel Dynamics International offers the finest in small ship cruise travel. After being selected out of seven other agencies in the Northeast, the pros here at Dwaiter had the privilege of creating an immersive and inspiring experience for TDI's users. This unique project allowed us to explore a new world of digital possibilities.

Our Strategy

From the very beginning of this project, it was all about the breadth and immersiveness of the content of Travel Dynamics International. A designer's dream is to have great content, and they were able to hand us gorgeous video and photography spanning all 7 continents on the planet! By striving to put the visitor in the shoes of someone experiencing this amazing vacation, we were able to make a compelling and engaging experience allowing us to turn a casual browser looking for a break from reality, into a full-on adventurer and explorer. The perfect type of client for a TDI vacation. 

Even though Dwaiter was in Rochester and we're in NYC's Upper Eastside, I felt as if they were just down the block. They were always available over the phone and email. We also had meetings through GoToMeeting during integral points of the process plus they flew down once to go over the design. I felt as if we were their only client—even though I know that wasn't true—and we felt very special.

Kim Scheremeta Art Director
The Best CMS Technology

Even with our optimized and customized CMS, large websites like this one can sometimes prove challenging to edit from the back-end. So, we made front-end editing nearly all content a priority on this project. The logged-in user simply browses the website for the content they want to change and they can make/save changes right from there. Even the location of the pins on the destination map can be edited!

We also made making a legend for the deck plans of the ships easy with HTML5 color pickers. The staff of Travel Dynamics Int'l can simply eyedrop a color from a deck plan image directly into the CMS.

Average visit duration
New visitors in the first 6 months
Average bounce rate
Visits jumped from 18 per week to over 1000 upon site launch