Client Overview

Logical Operations develops and publishes the most widely used training courseware in the world. Requesting a site that was simple, fun, exploratory, and appealing to companies such as Google and Facebook, we set out to create a website that would inspire even the biggest brands in the world.

Curb Appeal

The Logical Operations website is the ultimate form of simplistic innovation. We created a highly progressive and exploratory design without sacrificing the user experience at all. In fact, we improved it by removing clutter and driving the user through the site through bold color and simple navigation.

Empowering the User

We devoted ample time to making sure the colors we chose for the website not only matched the clients existing brand and products, but actually educated the user as to which part of the website they were viewing! With such a color-dependent website, we needed to make sure that the colors and fonts we chose were rendering properly on all types of monitors for maximum legibility.

Interaction & CMS Design

We added fun interactions to make the site feel more exploratory. The visual design of the site is very flat, so to compliment this simplicity we took things to another dimension with the interactions on the homepage.

The back-end of the site pulls its own weight and is seamlessly integrated with the services Logical Operations was already using. The forms are automatically pulled from Hubspot via their API so all CRM and submission tracking can be done there. Google ad conversions are automatically tracked for downloaded whitepapers. Overall, the website gets out of the way instead of being just one more moving part to manage.

Mobile Solution

Nothing could possibly be more simple than 5 giant buttons, except maybe 4 giant buttons. The mobile website contains very minimal, targeted information that is automagically generated by the desktop website. This way, the client enters the content once and the mobile website builds itself!