Client Overview

Troyer Race Cars is arguably the most recognizable name in both the NASCAR Asphalt Modified and DIRT Modified industries. Dwaiter gave Troyer a website that portrayed them as the industry leaders they are and built features such as e-commerce and race setup automation into the website so they could spend more time on satisfying their customers and less time working on the website.

Project Goals

Troyer made it clear that one of their main goals was to have a website that made them look like the industry leaders they are. They also informed us that they had several archaic and analog internal workflows that took valuable time away from employees. Dwaiter set out to not only delivered a website that was visually superior to any competitor, but also a website that saved their employees the hassle of dealing with old processes that can now be handled with the latest web technologies.

A Victorious Design

We really wanted to deliver something special to Troyer and having such a long-standing unique brand, we decided to incorporate the use of the angles and slants we saw in their cars and logo to bring this unique look and feel to the forefront. Thanks to Troyers full-time professional photographer, we were able to utilize large imagery throughout the website that really immerse the viewer in the company culture.

Our Solution

Our web solution allows anyone to sign up for an account on the Troyer website to buy products, but the special features such as pre-race and post-race setup, the assembly browser, and the track support sections require special user access. Troyer can grant this access using our back-end CMS. Then, these processes become automated through the website so Troyer can spend more time working on their cars and less time on the phone.

The e-commerce component allows Troyer to easily manage an online store containing thousands of unique products and product variations. We handled integrations with, UPS shipping, and TaxCloud tax management as well as allowing innumberable custom discount options.