Project Summary

Boonle is a brand new startup based out of Rochester, NY that flips the freelancing paradigm completely upside down by encouraging an all new client-vendor relationship.

Traditionally, clients have a project and seek out a contractor or freelancer based on their portfolio, skill set, and experience. However, the market has become so saturated that it is more difficult than ever before for these freelancers to break into the industry and thrive.

How Does It Work?

Boonle is a new type of freelancing platform that turns the typical client/vendor paradigm upside-down. The incentive for freelancers is that they can get traction in a saturated market by doing work at a discounted price until they are ready to compete with more experienced and reputable freelancers. The incentive for clients is that they can post projects for free and pay what they want for the work.

The platform encourages good tipping by displaying the clients average tip amount on their public profile. It also encourages high quality work by displaying the number of projects, appreciations, reviews, and reputation level on the freelancers public profile. Both profiles can be viewed before a project begins.

UX Design

The UX design presented an interesting challenge because Boonle has two very different types of users: the clients who post projects and the freelancers who do the work. Both types of people have very different needs when using the website.

The navigation was perhaps the most challenging part of the entire project because a user can sign up for Boonle with one account and be an Author and a Producer, each requiring very different navigation options.

To make this work, we created a global menu where users could effectively choose what mode they wanted to operate in and switch between them with ease.

Interface Design

It was important that the design of the website be fun, yet simple, allowing the colors and typography to educate users and guide them through the proper workflows.

Stemming from the branding and logo concept, we used 2 bold colors, one to represent each type of user which helped accomplish this unique and challenging task while simultaneously reinforcing the messaging and copy.

Prepared for Launch

By taking the time to solidify the company strategy and establish what Boonle is and how it works, we were able to provide a web solution that has the highest chance for success as this new startup gets ready for it's public launch in the Spring of 2015.

Dwaiter effectively matched what I envisioned this site to look like. Every time they completed a deliverable, I become more excited about the launch of Boonle. I was curious to see how they would incorporate the different colors for each user type and it's perfect. Dwaiter exceeded my expectations on both design and efficiency.

Antonio Calabrese Founder/CEO