Project Summary

Soleo is a global leader in delivering innovative, custom, and cloud-based communications solutions. Dwaiter was able to meet a very aggressive 6 week deadline thanks to Soleo's responsiveness and timely delivery of necessary content. The website features subtle transitions, plenty of negative space for easy reading, and a clever use of parallax throughout.

Simplifying Call Generation

The biggest challenge on this project was to work with absolutely no imagery. The site was comprised of mostly text, very little iconography, and no imagery. It was after our first strategy meeting that we took a deeper look into graphic design, brochure design, and typography to create an incredibly simple experience that brought the content to the forefront without overwhelming the user. We reinforced this concept with parallax effects that gracefully introduce the content as the user scrolls down the page, keeping them focused on one section at a time.

Parallax That Welcomes Content

When coding the front-end of the Soleo website, we truly began to see the hidden beauty of the design. The extreme simplicity of the text-driven pages allows users to flow easily through the content without feeling overwhelmed. Understanding that the website design was intentionally simple, we decided to add subtle parallax effects throughout the pages to welcome in the content as the user scrolled.

Designing the Portal Interface

After successfully launching a new website for Soleo, we were hired again to redesign the portal interface that allows users to conveniently create paid phone advertisements on the web. The design had to match the new look and feel we gave the website, but it also had to cater to a much different audience. The complex workflows demanded ultimate simplicity to empower users to complete difficult tasks with ease.