Project Summary

The Innovative Learning Institute coordinates the development, adoption, and promotion of effective teaching and learning in higher education at RIT and around the world. It has three entities—the Teaching & Learning Studio (TLS), the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CMS), and the outward-facing RIT Online. Dwaiter was asked to build a microsite, in four weeks, that would communicate aspects of this new endeavor with a significant "wow" factor. Twenty-eight days later we delivered an award winning site.

They Wanted Fireworks

RIT made it very clear that they wanted this microsite to break the mold of their traditional presence and follow a more smart, witty, quirky & proud approach. We are all RIT alumni so we were thrilled about this opportunity, but at the same time we wondered how we would make "credit for prior learning" sound quirky. After hours of brainstorming in a room together the wireframe eventually read "Transcripts from ’86? We factor that into your academic plan. No mullets, leggings, or REO Speedwagon records required, they are however encouraged." We had found our voice.

Jam-Packed With Interactions

We wanted to make this microsite exciting to play with in the hopes that it would inspire RIT faculty to investigate more ways to introduce creative interactions in and out of their classrooms. This portal will lead to a full Innovative Learning Institute website that provides faculty with access to a number of tools to help engage their students and produce engaging student learning experiences. The portal will also lead to full websites for the three units within ILI.

Putting Things in Motion

Besides being our amazing Production Director, Luke is a phenomenal 3D and motion designer. When we heard that we needed to create fireworks, we immediately thought of him. We transformed what could have been just ordinary actions into "whoa" moments all over this ILI microsite. From the in-your-face typographic motion piece at the beginning to making the rocket ship launch, we added elements that really made this project special.

The Digital Kitchen Sink

We are incredibly proud of the rich experience and the detailed attention to interaction that went into this project. We developed dozens of custom elements including widgets, creatively placed HTML5 video, scroll effects, thumbnail navigation and more. The most challenging aspect was combining all of this into a responsive page where each of the widgets shrink to maintain the correct proportions. The site works as well on a phone as it does on the desktop.

Responsive Design

Utilizing one of the newest staples of design and development for mobile, we made the entire site, including parallax features, completely responsive. This ensures that the site and all its content will look great and interact even better across browser, tablet, iOS or Android platforms.