Project Summary

Let's face it, most surveys are boring and people don't generally look forward to taking them. So how do you get 70,000 tech-savvy alumni to answer a survey full of questions about RIT's new online education program? We made it uniquely fun and interactive with a sprinkle of physics on top.

Underwater Basket Weaving

As RIT began to relaunch it's presence in the online learning space, we were asked to solicit feedback from alumni about what types of courses they would like to study. Our task was to develop a highly unique and inspirational campaign that reflects the RIT brand and engages alumni through an immersive user experience. The poll needed to elicit an emotional connection with alumni, artistically and technologically inspire them, and empower the audience to give feedback quickly and easily. We received over 10,000 completed surveys. We knew Beers of the World would be a crowd pleaser, especially since you can take it in your pajamas!

Making Surveys Fun

Like most of our innovative ideas, this one started with the classic question, "hey, wouldn't it be cool if...". The markerboard exploded with possibilities during our internal brainstorming session and then the question was asked, "Wouldn't it be cool if the survey options were interactive and you had to drag them into a dropzone to select your answers?" Why yes, yes it would. 

Just as Fun as Angry Birds

After extensive research, we began to integrate Box2D, a physics engine for two-dimensional games, into an early stage prototype. We never looked back. By designing the interactions on top of a physics engine, we gave the survey-takers the impression they were playing a game rather than taking a survey. This resulted in a fun and engaging experience that made alumni not only want to take the survey themselves, but encourage other alumni to take it as well.

Mobile Strategy

It was simple, really. The more accessable we made the survey, the more completed surveys we were likely to receive. So we made a simplified, web-based version of the survey that is compatible with any smartphone. The survey is also optimized to work on the iPad.