Project Summary

The Bell Company offers superior construction services along the East Coast. They have withstood the ever-changing economic landscape to maintain their edge in the construction industry and were in need of a new web presence to reflect their diversified capabilities. The timeline was aggressive, but we were able to meet it with Bell's assistance with digital asset creation, content strategy and a site map. Getting the website live in just thirty days was a welcome challenge and a truly collaborative effort.

Rapid Development

Early on in the strategy phase, The Bell Company informed us that they had a very important quarterly staff meeting coming up in just 30 days and they wanted to show off a shiny new company website. They asked the Dwaiter team if we could accommodate such a timeline and we were happy to say that we could. While our team worked very hard to deliver the website on time, we could not have done it ourselves. The Bell Company had their content organized and ready to go as soon as we started the project and they were always able to respond to our questions immediately, even after business hours. Thanks to the organization and responsiveness of both the Dwaiter team and The Bell Company staff members, we were able to complete the entire website build in just over a months time.

Flexibility Meets Consistency

We gave Bell's staff outstanding flexibility to create their website. We created a three level page hierarchy that has a custom page at each level. Each page is constructed using pagelets, to differentiate content types, so no two pages are the same while keeping a consistent style across the entire site. Thanks to our custom pagelets, our clients can focus on just their content.