Project Summary

Apple Country Spirits was founded by David DeFisher with the aim of crafting high quality spirits from fruit grown on his fourth generation farm. While David was working on the physical infrastructure, we took care of the digital one. We were able to deliver a recognizable and memorable brand identity along with a website that leaves viewers feeling like they were really visiting the distillery.

Distillery, Meet the Web

After touring the facility and seeing the warm earthy tones and textures, along with the shiny metal distilling equipment, we decided that the website should reflect this aesthetic. Matt took some great shots along the way that were incorporated into the final website design. We wanted the viewers to make visual, emotional, and physical connections to the facility when visiting the website.

Dwaiter understood just the look we were going for at the distillery, and they made sure the ACS website matched it. They reached the goals for our website and also trained our staff on how to edit content! Making a bottle of Vodka from start to finish is challenging enough to make you feel hung-over—even without the Vodka! Fortunately, I never have to worry about my designs or my websites. Dwaiter has me covered.

David DeFisher Owner
One Brand, Multiple Products

The big challenge with designing the Apple Country Spirits logo was that it needed to be the parent icon for other units that have distinctly different messaging. Despite their differences, there is an underlying theme of being natural, organic and locally grown. Therese decided to push away the apple laptop for the other apple on her desk and sliced it right down the middle. The inside had such a beautiful natural design and it reflected the ACS structure in the way the shapes all came together in the center. The design grew organically from there.

Over 200 people attended the distillery's very successful grand opening event on August 3rd, 2013.
People in 54 different countries around the world have heard about Apple Country Spirits.
Number of page views in the first 12 months. Not bad for a local distillery!
The average bounce rate since the website's launch in 2012.