Project Summary

The General Code eCode360 web application was hands-down one of the most complex redesigns that we have done in recent years in respect to information organization. The project demanded extensive strategy meetings and planning involving several people from both teams. With such a wide variety of dynamic data, which needed to be organized in so many different ways, we had to shift our thinking and add a new approach to our digital problem solving.

A Biblical Interface Design

eCode360 is a web application that allows users to navigate through codes of law for different municipalities around the country. The content is structured as follows:

Code > Chapter > Article > Part > Text

We all thought, where do we possibly begin when we have to redesign an entire web application to comply with a database that we don't have access to? We asked the question, "What else exists already that has a similar format? Preferably something with a modern web presence." Our answer was The Bible. It's content is structured as follows:

Bible > Book > Chapter > Verse > Text

From there, we found and began taking a close look at what worked well and what needed improvement. This is where we started conceptualizing the successful new eCode360 interface.

In With The New

It's fair to say that the old eCode360 interface was confusing and somewhat of a hassle to use. There were many complex levels of interaction that had to be re-thought. However, eCode360 had already developed a familiarity with its vast number of users. Therefore, when redesigning the interface, we couldn't steer so far away from the original design that it would confuse their target audience. It was a careful balance of old and new UI/UX components that made the project truly successful.

Dwaiter maintained the delicate balance of keeping the project on track without locking us into a preconceived result. From our first meeting Matt was engaged, seeking to understand what our users do and need so he could provide an innovative, clean, elegant web site that we are proud of and that our users love.

Ted Mead Director of Corporate Technology
Average page views per month
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Increase in traffic since the launch of the new website
People from nearly every country in the world use the eCode360 platform