Project Summary

RIT Online identifies and markets new online programs and continually expands its portfolio of innovative, career-focused, demand-based learning products that reflect the RIT brand and emphasize RIT’s academic strengths, world-class faculty, and diverse student community. Dwaiter built a website that reflects the highly immersive, success-oriented learning experiences RIT Online provides.

Reaching a Niche Market

The RIT Online website was created in order to reach search and shop students. These students want to know: How much does your degree cost? How long does your degree take to complete? What programs do you offer? What are some of the success stories coming from those programs? We decided to answer these questions right on the landing page of the website.

A Unique Career Path

RIT Online offers a system of modular courses, stackable credentials and accelerated options to allow students to efficiently and affordably pursue exactly what they need at a pace that fits their career goals and lifestyle—whether that’s an RIT master’s or bachelor’s degree, an RIT certificate, or simply a new competency. We created a space for RIT Online to enable students to tell their own unique success stories.

We decided to keep this section very real and focused, setting all the buzz words aside. The videos are shot by the students themselves to preserve the transparency and the stories are written from an interview using their own words. This provides RIT Online the opportunity to share experiences from people with diverse backgrounds and goals so that prospective students can connect.

Interactive Course Grid

We developed the course grid: a dynamic grid that can be filtered to show only the courses that you are interested in. The course grid is fast; no more reloading the page each time you want to apply a new filter to your search. The grid includes important details about each course so you can make an informed decision.