Our Process

Together we'll identify needs and discover possibilities that bring users to a natural state of bliss with your brand.

  • Discovery

    At Dwaiter, we design digital experiences. Our focus is to help you convert prospects into customers, and a remarkable user experience is the key. From digital problem solving to rebranding your web presence, we provide the tech platform for your vision. Give us your design challenges and we will create branded solutions that inspire people to act.

    Our Responsibilities
    • Ask questions and learn about the project
    • Establish a framework for collaboration
    Your Responsibilities
    • Effectively communicate your goals
    • Participate in meetings and phone calls as necessary
  • Strategy

    We are deeply educated design technologists and strategists who love to solve complex problems. We examine. We strategize. We innovate. We also offer strategy consulting to startups and evolving companies. Let our web experts help draft the technical roadmap to your next great idea.

    Our Responsibilities
    • Ask more questions
    • Form a strategic plan to meet your goals
    • Establish preliminary workflows and information architecture
    Your Responsibilities
    • Answer questions
    • Provide sample content
  • User Experience

    At Dwaiter, we create an appealing on-boarding flow for a new user. During this key phase, our team identifies needs and establishes a simple and intuitive experience. We guide your campaigns through their individual digital landscapes, creating unique experiences that engage and delight. Smart, seamless, scalable.

    Our Responsibilities
    • Establish the best experience for your users
    • Create wireframes for all relevant pages
    Your Responsibilities
    • Review our work and provide feedback as needed
    • Gain approval from all relevant members of your team
  • User Interface

    We are design powerhouses for the connected digital world. We live for problem solving through the use of type, space, image and color. We marry simplicity with functionality so clients have a powerful framework for storytelling.

    Our Responsibilities
    • Present the content in the best way for your users
    • Create designs for all approved wireframes
    Your Responsibilities
    • Review our work and provide feedback as needed
    • Gain approval from all relevant members of your team
  • Front-End Development

    When we reach the front-end development, we know we are almost at the finish line. During this phase, our team troubleshoots functionality and confirms interactivity. But even better, we boot up the new content management system. Content begins to flow.

    Our Responsibilities
    • Code all page templates and designs
    • Show progress as needed
    Your Responsibilities
    • Review any progress we show you as needed
    • Begin writing and editing your final content
  • Back-End Development

    A solid, well-executed digital environment must meet the current needs while also growing to accommodate future demands. To scale is to plan. Admins must be able to maintain, manage, update, de-bug, and control the site. Content management does not sleep, and the ability to stay fresh is a cornerstone of a robust user experience.

    Our Responsibilities
    • Build a CMS that lets you easily manage your content
    • Integrate front-end code with back-end code
    • Find and squash bugs
    Your Responsibilities
    • Approve your final content for entry into the new CMS
    • Be patient and enjoy your favorite drink.


Once our design and development work is done and it's time to prepare your website or product for launch, we will work with you to make sure the content is being entered properly and provide a training session on how to use your new content management system.

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Project Launch


While we build our websites to require minimal support or maintenance, sometimes we miss a few bugs and sometimes you will want additional features created in the future. Our team will build a strong partnership with you to ensure we can help you grow your web solution as your business continues to thrive.

Once the project launches, we will fix any of our own bugs or errors for 30 days at no additional cost to you.